2023 U-Pick is closed until July. please call ahead before you drive out. 
the farm store is open 11-4 pm daily through April. please call ahead before you drive out if you have specific questions.
U-Pick experience 

- Don't forget to wear or bring closed-toed shoes if a ladder is needed.- Dress for the weather. U-pick is open rain or shine

- You'll be sharing the farm with pollinating bees, don't forget your beesting supplies 

Checking In
When you arrive at the farm, follow signs to the specially designated Pick-Your-Own (PYO) or U-pick fruit station (Red Tent). Unless otherwise noted, there is no need to stop at the market first.

Where to Pick
We will show you where to pick, give you the appropriate container, have you read and sign a waiver, and offer some helpful hints, tips, and etiquette. When finished picking, come back to the station to check out and obtain a box from one of the employees. They will have you take the box to the fruit stand to pay. PYO fruit is measured and priced by the bucket. You can always call ahead of time for pricing or ask the employees at the pick-your-own tent to clarify. We're always willing to help.

The Pick-Your-Own Experience
Pick-your-own fruit at Draper Girls Farm is relaxing and kid-friendly, a chance to enjoy nature and pick sumptuous fruit. All our apple and peach trees are dwarf, so most fruit will be within reach. We also close off rows that are not yet ripe, directing you to sections where you'll find the best picking. We also mow and weed grassy areas to give you easy access to fruit. Cherry trees are not dwarf trees and may require some ladder picking. Please look at the ladder safety video to help you during your you-pick experience. If you plan to use a ladder after watching the video, a release of liability form needs to be filled out.

What the heck do I do with 20 pounds of fruit? Since you are picking fresh fruit from the tree, you can store these in your refrigerator for up to two months, and they will stay fresh, unlike the ones you buy in the store. You can eat for snacks, send in the kids' lunches, make butter, jams, jellies, or our favorite, apple sauce, pies, or crisps, yummy! With 5 lbs of cherries and peaches, you can put them in your refrigerator for up to three weeks. You can eat fresh, make milkshakes, crisps, and cobblers, have over pancakes and waffles, eat with ice cream, and put in cocktail drinks; there are endless things you can do with a mere 5 lbs of fruit. It seems like a lot, but it goes fast when you start cooking or baking. :-)

*PYO is subject to closing without notice. Please check our website or our FB page for current updates. You can also call the fruit stand before you come.